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In a more and more globalized and competitive world, facing new challenges with traditional solutions doesn´t achieve the high results that organizations pursue.

Our vision is companies and professionals with tools that allow them to get over barriers, letting them achieve unbelievable results. Professionals that apply creative thinking in the areas in which they work, find innovative solutions for their brand’s value.

Our tools and methodologies bring a new way of thinking, feeling and acting to everyday challenges, bringing solutions where before there were just problems.

Our team is made of professionals experienced in training and consulting at the director level. This real experience allows us to deeply understand every team’s situation and to adapt our actions in order to achieve better results.

Our content is guaranteed by international certifications that validate our knowledge and work. These certifications differentiate the quality of our work from our competitors.

CEO and founder of Actitud Creativa. He is an expert in communication, creativity and innovation. Since 2002 he has trained more than 10.000 people all over the world. He has wide experience directing international teams. In fact, he has lived and work in Argentina and Asia, where he was in charge of the entire Asian region for his firm. He leads seminars all over the world. He is frequently invited as a speaker to events in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, among others. He is a certified consultant in Barrett Values Centre; changing cultural tools, and he is the agent in Spain of the exclusive “Creative Problem Solving Process” by the prestigious “Creative Education Foundation”.
Passionate about communication with 11 years of experience in radio, television, corporate communication and consulting. He has created and directed more than fifteen innovative projects in communication, within which he has built and directed teams of more than one hundred people. Among these projects, Fernando’s own audiovisual company has initiated special events; in the MICE sector (Stand Up); the Longest Radio Show in History; and the World Radio Challenge, in which he involved ten countries from 4 continents creating the Ist Radio World Cup. He is a member of the Global Shapers Community, supported by the World Economic Forum.
Doctoral student in Innovation and Technology Management of Medellin at University Pontificia Bolivariana. Magister in Innovation and Creativity at University of Manizales-Colombia. He is a business Development and International Marketing specialist who has leaded seminars about innovative and creative thinking. His research interests include marketing and publicity practice. He works as Associate Consultant at the Spanish company Actitud Creativa as well as he collaborates in different projects with BID-FOMIN, SENA, COLCIENCIAS, INNpulsa and MINTic. Personal details: e-mail: / Mobile: 3117472152

Ideas World Cup will take place next World Creativity Day: April 21st 2018