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Ideas World Cup is the first worldwide ideas competition.
It is a celebration of dreams and creativity. Dozens of cities from all around the world will compete simultaneously to see which city generates the most ideas.

But Ideas World Cup is not simply a competition; it is based on the desire to change the world.t We want to offer solutions to the most pressing issues of our society. These issues are the categories for the challenges which Ideas World Cup will address.

The brainstorming which will change the world

IWC is a worldwide event which pursues a significant change in the world through the contribution and creativity of people from different cities and countries. All the ideas generated at Ideas World Cup will follow these rules:


In Ideas World Cup’s brainstorming, quality comes through quantity. For this reason, it is important that every participant propose as much ideas as possible. A properly evaluation will analyse those ideas that seems impossible and make them possible, finding their useful place.


Coming up with ideas needs to be a social process, due to it brings people together into the creative process, increasing the social nature of the project. Our concept can be optimized by others participants. Even the most impossible ideas can become possible.

ico3Both sides of the brain.

Most of the work activities require a bigger effort of the brain’s left hemisphere. That´s why the right side tends to be slower. The objective is to make this brain’s side works thanks to color pens, perfumes and different objects.


Many people perform best when they work under pressure. The best time for a brainstorming is between 10-20 minutes. The leading person should push to work faster.


Pressure is not against fun. In fact, it could determines it. Think about a race where the one who generates more concepts – no matter their complexity – wins a prize.

ico6Nothing is stupid

All ideas are extremely valuable. Some people are deathly afraid of public speaking. The ones who lead the activities should avoid prejudices and invite all participants to present their ideas, giving them the confidence to speak.  We’re all creative, and each of us has the ability to generate ideas.

ico7Evaluation and criticism

Judgement or criticism are not allowed, they inhibit creativity. “If I know for sure that they are going to judge my ideas, I tend to limit their development towards what I think is a more widely accepted way”

Ideas World Cup will take place next World Creativity Day: April 21st 2018