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What does a team need to participate?


Attitude and mind-set are the most important ingredients for success. Find out what it takes to overcome obstacles and achieve each event's goals. This is a creativity and innovation project, which also involves inspiration and motivation. The global organization will arbitrate between local organizers as a security net, always helping and supporting organizers

A place

Planning a successful community event: outdoor event or a small scale event. It could be in a square, a theatre, a sports center, a street, a pub… The space has to be welcoming and accessible to everyone. The perfect location will raise the profile of the meeting and should attract large numbers of participants.


Except for the general aspects like the idea recording system or the ideas aggregation and voting, each team will be free to build its own event structure. The event doesn´t need a complex infrastructure; it just needs a space where the public can write and give their ideas, a space that can attract and bring a public together. This could involve concerts, talks or what every team considers effective.


We invite every local partner to take advantage of this opportunity to find sponsors to support every local event. We ask that each local organizer give the Ideas World Cup organization 10% of the sponsor income it attracts. These proceeds will cover infrastructure and global coordination costs.

Simultaneous activities

We want to encourage everyone to be aware of and use their own creativity and innovation. Ideas World Cup is an unbeatable moment to create all kinds of activities to stimulate the creativity of every local community, and to have an exciting time. Local teams have total freedom: concerts, talks, workshops, exhibitions… to support and help the online part of the event.

A coordinated marketing and content plan

Our goal is to reach as many participants to attend as possible. In order to get support from people we need to build relationships in which people know about us and the project. Every event will follow a coordinated marketing and content plan that defines the message and the strategy.

Human team

We don’t think a big team is necessary to organize a city event. Here are the steps: First, control the marketing and contents plan. We will provide whatever is needed to help. Second, get the place. Third, once you have the messaging and a venue, seek the sponsors (if it’s necessary) and the rest of the infrastructure you determine are needed. We suggest to proceed carefully and set precise goals, organize the parallel structure like the activities, guests, presenters or performers as early as two months before the event. During the event we recommend create a volunteer team which help make event planning and decision making more efficient. As we said, the centralized organization will help every team in all of these steps.

The rules.

1. The competition. The goal of this competition is to generate as many ideas as possible around several basic global topics: energy, new forms of governance and smart cities, limited resources, communication and education. Every local partner will organize an event at which their public generates ideas connected with these topics. The winning city will be the team that collects the most ideas.

2. Local partners or local organising team will be responsible for organizing the events in their respective cities. Any person or legal entity can compete and is sufficient to meet the human resource and technical standards. There is no maximum number of team members or teams to country or city. The IWC organization reserves the right of admission and requires that each local partner meets the standard compliances.

3. Location/venue:The event should be organized in a public place, irrespective whether it is open (a square or street) or closed (a theater or auditorium). The important thing is that people can access it freely.

4. Channels. The physical events will have support on the Internet. People who can not go in person to the event but who wants to support their city, can do it online. To organize this whole online activity, each city will have a profile on the official Ideas World Cup website. The organization will set up the platform and show the rest of the teams how to use it. Each local partner will be responsible for news and content uploading. During the event, all the organizers will use the Creative OS application. Thanks to this tool, users will be able to upload their ideas both by computer and by mobile phone in real time.

5. Challenge categories. The organization of Ideas World Cup has set the categories around which people will generate ideas. Local teams have the option to establish their own local topics. Ideas on these topics won’t count for the competition. These local topics may increase local public attention.

6. Sponsorship. Every local partner will have Actitud Creativa as the organizer and international sponsor. Actitud Creativa will also be the local organizer in Madrid.

7. Participation cost. Participating in Ideas World Cup does not cost anything. Local partners do not have to pay for the application or registration. They simply assume any organizational costs of their events, if they don’t find sponsorship. The IWC organization will bear the costs of design, network communications, system programming, coordination, etc. To support the event and book the place for your city, we request that each participating city contributes 100 euros towards the event. This nominal amount is symbolic of your confirmation of participation.

Steps for organizing Ideas World Cup in your city.

Every local partner will be in charge of organizing Ideas World Cup in its city. However, the organization will be in touch constantly with all local organizers to guide them through the process. The organization will share with them its experience and know-how to solve any problems along the way.

Every team carefully reads this document.

• The organization sets a meeting via Skype in order to meet the team personally, understand their situation and motivation to create this project. We will use this meeting to solve preliminary issues and lay the foundation so that every team can start organizing its event.

• After this first meeting, the local organizer will confirm they participation in the competition. Both parties will sign the Ideas World Cup agreement.

• Every week we will meet with each team via Skype. The goal of this is to check the team’s progress and also to solve problems and to bring ideas to the local teams.

• The local organizers will always have one host from the organisation at their disposal. At the signing of the IWC agreement, the organization will provide you with a host.

• For non-urgent communications, the local organizer will use the host’s e- mail to set a meeting. In case of an issue that requires immediate help, the organization will provide the contact details of every host (Skype and mobile).

The organization wants every team to feel supported and heard. Please let us know if that is not happening.

Ideas World Cup will take place next World Creativity Day: April 21st 2018