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Do you want to change the world?

Ideas World Cup is the first competition during which the world can win.

Dozens of cities from all over the world will compete in the greatest brainstorming of all times, all on one day.

The winner will be the city whose inhabitants generate more ideas about the global challenges of COVID-19.

Ideas World Cup is the key that will open the doors to global contributions and new solutions.

Organize a local participation group or online event that connects with everyone in the rest of the world. You can do this by gathering people from your university, your office, your home, the place where you feel comfortable. Do you want to participate organizing it?

Join some of the groups or events that are happening around the world, check out the cities that have participated here and be part of this great global initiative. Do you want to participate in an event in your city?


  • Changes and threats in the professional world

    Covid-19 has created a new global scenario in professional world. The need for confinement has forced thousands of companies to send their employees home to work remotely. Many others, who due to the nature of their activity do not have the possibility to do so, face significant challenges to protect the health of their workers and maintain the continuity of their productive activity. What threats are currently arising from these situations? What changes could be considered to minimize the impact, now and in the future? Is it necessary to rethink how we work to avoid these situations in the future?
  • Distance and social isolation.

    Covid-19 has divided the history of societies around the world and the way its members relate to one another. The obligation to follow strict rules of action regarding distance and the level of contact with other people is having a great impact on all social conventions, as well as on the most basic activities. From how we interact with others in any field (acquiring our food, transporting ourselves, receiving medical attention, etc.), to what means are necessary to do so (e.g., personal protective equipment). What is the greatest impact that these situations are generating? How could it be minimized?
  • Protection of defenseless groups.

    The pandemic is testing our solidarity with the most defenseless groups. If day-to-day life has normally been impacted by current conditions, in certain groups this impact is vital, with minimum survival conditions at risk. Dependent groups, either by age or illness; Vulnerable groups, whether due to the ability to access basic resources: communities in which risks multiply. What approaches could be taken to protect them? What are the most urgent needs and how could they be addressed with effective and high impact solutions?
  • Long distance education.

    The current rules of interaction are having a great impact on the world of education, causing previously unknown situations. On the one hand, confinement has forced that all recipients of educational activities cannot be in direct contact between themselves and the educational community made up of teachers and instructors. On the other hand, families have acquired the sudden role of guaranteeing this educational continuity, an activity for which many are not prepared. Educational entities are making great efforts to try to deliver content and instructions using the online channel, but not all have sufficient means for this approach to be effective, as well as not everyone has the means to access those contents through these channels. .
    What challenges is the educational community facing? How could they be overcome to guarantee access to education everywhere?
  • Access to basic resources.

    The slowdown in the economy due to Covid-19 is putting many people in difficulty who see their income cut or decreased. Thus, there is a very high risk of not being able to access basic resources such as food, housing, energy. Likewise, the massive contagion and subsequent disease is saturating and overflowing the current health services, whether it is due to having to attend to new patients adequately, as well as not having the necessary resources to provide regular care to those who need it. independently of the pandemic. How to guarantee that access to basic resources is guaranteed for the entire population? What challenges are the most urgent to tackle and what are the main solutions that we could provide?
  • The winners

    City with more ideas

    The absolute winner of the competition. Olympic gold. The city that manages to generate more ideas will be, officially, the winner of the V Ideas World Cup. The organization does not measure the number of participants, but the amount of ideas. It is possible that one city has fewer participants but they have been able to generate three times as many ideas as another.

    Best global idea

    The best solution proposed by the participants during the competition, which addresses some of the major issues related to COVID-19. There will be a 5-phase process: ideation, selection and refinement, where the finalists will be announced, who will then be put to the vote and the winner will be chosen, and who will receive a grand prize. € 5,000 worth of training and mentoring to carry out your ideas.


    • 1.000.000 of ideas around the world.
    • 24 hours of innovation and creativity.
    • Impact on 10.000.000 people online.
    • Appearance in the 300 media
    • 500 volunteers.
    • 2.000.000 people in our online channels.
    • 300 creativity and innovation activities.

    Ideas World Cup will take place next World Creativity Day: April 21st 2020