Located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal, Chennai is one of the biggest cultural, economic and educational centres in South India.  It is the fourth-largest city and fourth-most populous urban agglomeration in India. As a growing metropolitan city in a developing country, Chennai confronts substantial pollution and other logistical and socioeconomic problems.

The Chennai Metropolitan Area is one of the largest city economies of India. Chennai is nicknamed “The Detroit of India”, with more than one-third of India’s automobile industry being based in the city.

Potential Genesis will lead the III Ideas World Cup in Chennai. Potential Genesis a global Organization dedicated to Igniting Potential by enabling you to progress your “Personal Growth and Development Journey”. Its event will be dedicated to Children from 5th to 8th  grade. The activities are storytelling based on story cube, create a tage line for Product advertisements and find a new world creation for inclusion in webster dictionary.


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