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In a more and more globalized and competitive world, facing new challenges with traditional solutions doesn´t achieve the high results that organizations pursue.

Our vision is companies and professionals with tools that allow them to get over barriers, letting them achieve unbelievable results. Professionals that apply creative thinking in the areas in which they work, find innovative solutions for their brand’s value.

Our tools and methodologies bring a new way of thinking, feeling and acting to everyday challenges, bringing solutions where before there were just problems.

Our team is made of professionals experienced in training and consulting at the director level. This real experience allows us to deeply understand every team’s situation and to adapt our actions in order to achieve better results.

Our content is guaranteed by international certifications that validate our knowledge and work. These certifications differentiate the quality of our work from our competitors.

Juan is the Managing Partner of Actitud Creativa. He is an expert in the development of communication, creativity and innovation skills. Since 2002 it has trained more than 20,000 people worldwide. He has extensive experience managing international teams having lived in Argentina, China and currently in Spain. He has given talks around the world with audiences of 100 to more than 1,000 people. He is a frequent guest at conferences in the United States, Japan, Berlin or Latin America. He is a certified consultant in cultural transformation tools and directs and teaches the Lombard Method of Design Thinking program in Spain and Latin America.

Ideas World Cup will take place next World Creativity Day: April 21st 2020