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How to organize a local IWC event.

Fill in the following form to be able to obtain the organizers license for IWC. It is only basic information on how you want to organize it, either with a group of people, organizing an online event, etc. We are aware that, at first, the planning of any action on your part will be subject to change, so you can always update your information once the license is granted.

Your contact information

We will only use this information to contact you. (Note: Your information is private and will never sell your
data to third parties, nor provide to third parties without written authorization).

About you

About the event

In this section, we want to know more about the event you want to organize. How will the program? How does the mission of IWC at your event?
We understand that some of the data you provide here may be temporary, except for the name of the event after obtaining the license shall be final. To register a different name of the event, must apply for a new license.

The name of your event

How would you like to call your event? The names should refer to the community where the event will take place.

For example:
Names of standard events should be based on location (eg IWCxMadrid).
The university events must have the name of the institution (eg IWCxUniversidad Carlos III).
Internal events should have the name of the organization (eg IWCxActitud Creative) etc.
The names are subject to approval by IWC. You are not authorized to use this name until we approve your license.

Signed, the company

Ideas World Cup will take place next World Creativity Day: April 21st 2020