Torrance Center® (Portugal) is a project founded in 2001. Its main goal is to promote and develop Creativity and Emotional Intelligence. Through different activities: scientifically certified programs and tests, Torrance Center® empowers its participants with the skills they need to reach their full potential and participate positively in an increasingly interconnected global world. Torrance Center® products are targeted at businesses, educational institutions, psychologists, research and the general public. 

From Portugal, the IWC2017 will be held as a national event (online) with the possibility to participate  personally to the events in Óbidos inviting all Portuguese to share their ideas to improve the World.

During the whole day, the following activities will take place in Óbidos:

Schedule Portugal

Óbidos is a medieval town and a municipality in the Oeste Subregion in Portugal. Lying 80 km north of Lisbon, it is without any doubt one of Portugal’s most interesting walled settlements. Óbidos remains a well-preserved example of medieval architecture; its streets, squares, walls and its castle are a popular tourist destination. From the hidden corners and high walled gardens of the old medina area, to the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque features, the Town is is full of historical tradition.



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